Congratulations and welcome as you prepare for the Baptism of your child at Sacred Heart. It is our privilege to assist you in making their Baptismal Day one filled with meaning, prayerfulness and happiness. May God, the source of everything, fill your heart with every blessing.

 Fr. Rhey Garcia


Sacred Heart Church Baptism Requirements

Preparing for your child’s Baptism

STEP 1: Parents

Please meet with either a priest or a deacon to talk about the sacrament and fill out the information sheet. The office telephone number is 718-442-0058. Please bring an official copy of your child’s birth certificate to the meeting.

STEP 2: Parents

Baptisms will be celebrated at 1pm on either the second or fourth Saturday of each month. Please confirm the date that you select with the priest or deacon and plan accordingly.

STEP 3: Parents and Godparents

Parents and godparents must attend one of two pre-baptism classes in the rectory. They are held on either the first or third Sunday each month after the Family Mass at 9am. Please call Sister Barbara at 718-727-8005 to confirm attendance.

STEP 4: These are the basic requirements;

4a – The parents must be Parishioners of Sacred Heart. If not, a letter of permission from your parish if you are not a parishioner of Sacred Heart is necessary.

4b – We must have a copy of your child’s government issued birth certificate if not already provided.

4c – A sponsor certificate for both godparents is necessary. A godparent is a Catholic who is in good standing with the Church, practices the faith, has been baptized and confirmed. If married, they should be married in the Church.

4d – A person from another faith or religion cannot serve as a godparent. However, when there are two godparents, one must be a Catholic. A person from another Christian Faith may serve as a Christian Witness to your child’s baptism.

4e – We will gratefully appreciate a donation as your means allow to the parish. An envelope will be shared at the meeting.

Step 5 -Parents

Confirm the dates that you will attend the Baptism Class and for your child’s Baptism.


May God’s Blessings be on you and your family in the weeks ahead. If we can be of further assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact one of us at the rectory.


Fr. Rhey Garcia, Deacon Jim, Sr. Barbara, Don Maj and Parish Staff


Contact Information:

Fr. Rhey Garcia –

Deacon Jim Cowan –

Sr. Barbara –

Don Maj –

Allison Madigan –

Rectory Office Manager



This is OPTIONAL but very much recommended. We say it is “optional” because no one can be forced to repent of their sins and to accept God’s love and mercy and grace.


Sponsor Certificates

If you have been asked to be a godparent for a Baptism or Confirmation please come to the 9 AM Mass on Sunday and then, immediately after the Mass, meet with Sister Barbara in the vestibule of the church. For Godparent requirements see the Baptism requirements above. To make other arrangements with Sister Barbara you may contact her at:

Saturdays from 4-4:45 pm and any time upon request

Couples should come to the rectory at least 6 months before their wedding in order to begin the process for Matrimony in the Church.

Sick Calls
Anytime, please contact one of the priests at 718-442-0058.