Sacred Heart Church Baptism Requirements 

STEP 1: Parents & Godparents Attend Second Sunday Meeting with Ann and Don

•Second Sunday of each month at 3:00 PM in the rectory (you may park in the lot behind the rectory on Market Street).

•Each godparent should bring a copy of his/her Catholic Confirmation certificate and Catholic Church Marriage certificate (if he/she is married) to the meeting. You can contact the parishes where these sacraments occurred and request copies.

•Please see “CHOOSING GODPARENTS” below for godparent requirements.


STEP 2: Attend Fourth Thursday Baptism Conference with Sister Barbara and Parents & Godparents

•Fourth Thursday of the month.

•7:30 PM in the Rectory (you may park on Castleton Avenue in front of the rectory or in the church parking lot).


STEP 3: Baptism Ceremony

We baptize the children on Saturday’s in the church.



The maximum number of godparents is two. (One Female and One Male). One godparent is sufficient. (Male or Female).

Each Godparent must:

•be prepared to assist the person being baptized and his/her parents through his/her support, example, encouragement and prayer.

•be at least 16 years of age.

•have received the Catholic Sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation.

•attend Catholic Mass every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation.

•if married, be married in the Catholic Church.

•if single, be not cohabitating with a significant other.

•be cleared by Sacred Heart Parish to serve as godparent. To do so, the godparent candidate must go to the 9 AM Mass on Sunday with his/her Confirmation Certificate (and Marriage Certificate if he/she is married.). The candidate can obtain a copy of these certificates from the parish where he/she received these Sacraments. Immediately after Mass, Sister Barbara will meet with the candidate for clearance. After clearance, Sister will give the sponsor a certificate that will be collected along with the Confirmation (and Marriage Certificate). Those who are unable to meet with Sister after Mass on Sunday must contact Sister at 718-727-8005.



This is OPTIONAL but very much recommended. We say it is “optional” because no one can be forced to repent of their sins and to accept God’s love and mercy and grace.



Fourth Thursday of the Month

26th of January
23rd of February
30th of March
27th of April
25th of May
29th  of June
27th of July
31st of August
28th of September
26th of October
30th of November
28th of December


Sponsor Certificates
If you have been asked to be a godparent for a Baptism or Confirmation please come to the 9 AM Mass on Sunday and then, immediately after the Mass, meet with Sister Barbara in the vestibule of the church. For Godparent requirements see the Baptism requirements above. To make other arrangements with Sister Barbara you may contact her at:

Saturdays from 4-4:45 pm and any time upon request

Couples should come to the rectory at least 6 months before their wedding in order to begin the process for Matrimony in the Church.

Sick Calls
Anytime, please contact one of the priests at 442-0058.