Brick by Brick Project

Brick-by-Brick Project: 150 Years, 150 Bricks

Dear Friends of Sacred Heart,

As Sacred Heart Church, a testament to our shared history and achievements, prepares to celebrate its 150th anniversary, a milestone brimming with pride and reflection, we embark on a special project: “Brick-by-Brick: 150 Years, 150 Bricks.”

This initiative, a call to action for our community, aims to raise crucial funds for the much-needed repair of our church roof. For 150 years, these very walls have witnessed our prayers, celebrations, and the forging of a cherished community. Now, it’s our collective responsibility to ensure its continued strength.

Through “150 Bricks,” you have a unique opportunity to be honored as part of this legacy. By sponsoring a brick, your name will be permanently etched on a beautiful Sacred Heart design commemorative brick located in front of the church. Each brick symbolizes your contribution and will build upon the next generation, fostering a lasting testament to your devotion.

Leave your lasting mark and become a part of Sacred Heart’s enduring story. Let’s ensure this cherished space continues serving our community for generations.


May God bless you for your continued support!

Fr rhey garcia